Field research, Photography, Interaction Design, Software

Co-production with Browserbased Group

Phone booths in Athens, most of them out of (their original) service, function as nodes in street-level networks of handwritten communications. Messages found on them range from sex ads accompanied with mobile phone numbers, to conspiracy theories with youtube video urls, time-stamped comments by political groups and religious cults, coded or nonsensical rhymes and oddly identical smudges.

The project is a field research on post-digital media use. It studies the obscure and multilayered ways that these messages interact, form threads and compete for private media-space on public residential infrastructure. It features a growing collection of photographs of writings found across the city, organised thematically and geographically to map ghost networks of threaded discourses, their authors’ para-literary strolls and territorial disputes.

Driven by curiosity but taking care not to expose anyone to undesired publicity, we developed a limited-access software+hardware setup to present the work as an installation in Athens Digital Art Festival 2016.